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Vauxhall triumphs in Belmont’s annual tussle of peninsula schools

Flagstaff Team

Slip-slidin’ away… Cash Gibson of Belmont Intermediate enjoyed the giant slide

The Belmont Primary School (BPS) Fair in late March was attended by thousands of people from across the Devonport peninsula.

It included the Battle of the Schools competition, won this year by the Vauxhall Vikings.

An Emirates Team New Zealand shirt auctioned at the fair fetched $3700 for the BPS coffers.

The total amount of money raised would be calculated later this month, Belmont principal Bruce Cunningham said.

Home advantage… Belmont Primary’s team is all concentration in the inter-school competition
Lily McLean (10) carrying the bucket for Stanley Bay School in the Battle of the Schools event
Horsing around… Sebastian (3), Angus and Zac (7) Everest meet one of the fair’s four-legged attractions
All the fun of the fair… Evie Porath (6)
Maddison Brierley (4)
Jacob Lusty (1)
Fletcher Gore (5)

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