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The Devonport Flagstaff is delivered to 10,000 households from Devonport to Takapuna, has a circulation of 11,000 and estimated readership of 25,000. The Flagstaff offers a comprehensive range of affordable advertising options to suit the needs of businesses, community groups and individuals.

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11,000 copies printed fortnightly and distributed to every household on the peninsula.
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Target Devonport’s highly educated and experienced residents. North Shore and CBD positions welcome.
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Destination Devonport

Reach the 300,000 overseas and domestic tourists coming to Devonport every year. Distributed in summer.
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“Really pleased with the double page spread – looked amazing and I am taking a steady stream of people signing up to attend our event.”

Alistair Helm,

“I would estimate that foot traffic to my business has increased by around 20% due to the feature of my business in this publication and customers have been reached in Hauraki, Belmont and Devonport districts”

Joanne Stretton, Owner Devonport Alterations

“Lively, parochial and sometimes a pain in the neck for officialdom. Just like a local paper should be.”

Metro Magazine, Best of Auckland Awards 2006
Awarding the Devonport Flagstaff as the Winner Best Community Newspaper

“I was surprised to have so many people come into our store and congratulate us on our 10th anniversary after our advertorial was published.”

Asma, Owner Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy


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The resident population (48% male and 52% female) of the Devonport peninsula at the time of the 2013 census was 23,070. Of those 20.6% are under 15, 66.1% are aged between 15 and 64 and 13.3% are aged 65 and over. Two thirds were born in New Zealand and one third were born overseas.


The vast majority (87.4%) of residents identified as European. A further 8.0% identified as Asian, 6.8% as Maori, 2.4% as Pacific peoples, 1.4% Middle Eastern/Latin American/African (MELAA) and 1.7% identified as a different ethnic group.


Over half the local population stated they did not have a religious faith. This is significantly higher than for Auckland (37.8%) and New Zealand (41.9%) as a whole. A further 44% of Devonport residents said they were Christian.


There are 6,348 families, which is an increase of 4.8% since 2006 and 9.0% since 2001. Of those, half are couples with children, 36.5% are couples without children and 13.9% are one-parent families.


There are 8,328 households, of which 73% are made up of one family and 21.3% one person.


The Devonport peninsula has above-average levels of personal income. More than 40% of individuals are recorded as having a personal income of over $50,000 a year, compared to 33.2% for the Auckland region and 26.7% for New Zealand as a whole.

Tertiary qualifications

The Devonport peninsula also has high levels of degree attainment among residents, with 22.1% holding Bachelors, 5.4% Postgraduate or Honours, 6.4% Masters and 1.6% Doctorate qualifications.

Employment and occupation

Two thirds of the resident population are in employment, with 51.0% working full time and 15.7% working part time.

Of those in employment, three quarters are paid employees. The remaining quarter are employers themselves (7.5%) or self employed (16.5%). The proportion of employers and self employed on the peninsula is considerably higher than for Auckland and New Zealand as a whole (18.4% and 18.7% respectively).

Over half of those working classified themselves as either managers (22.6%) or professionals (34.0%). This is significantly higher than for Auckland and New Zealand as a whole. For the other ANZSCO occupation groups, the proportions for the Devonport peninsula were:

  • 10.8% community workers
  • 10.7% clerical and administration
  • 9.0% trades
  • 8.3% sales
  • 4.5% other


Over half of individuals (53.1%) on the Devonport peninsula are in properties they own or part own, compared to 43.4% of Aucklanders and 49.8% for New Zealand collectively.

Of the 8,415 dwellings on the peninsula, 44.9% are owned or part owned, 24.3% are owned by a family trust and 30.7% are not owned by the occupier of a family trust. There are higher levels of family trust ownership in the area than for either Auckland (15.4%) or New Zealand (14.8%) as a whole.

2,289 househlds are in rented accommodation and of those 62.3% are paying more than $350 a week in rent.

Vehicle ownership

Nearly 80% of Devonport households have one vehicle or two vehicles. A further 14.5% have three or more vehicles.


Cell phone access and internet access are available in more than 87% of households.