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Fair on the Hill crowds unfazed by downpour

Flagstaff Team

Poised for a treat… Lily Parkes (4) with her chosen cupcake

Pouring rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds who flocked to this year’s Fair on the Hill at Devonport Primary School on 10 April.

Fair-goers and organisers seemed unfazed by the deluge.

“Our team worked quickly to reconfigure our normal layout to provide safe and sheltered space for our stalls,” says fair coordinator Gemma Barker.

“The children didn’t mind the rain and the day was a lot of fun.”

While the money is still being counted, this year the organising team hopes to have raised close to $30,000 for the school.

It is expected some of the money will help fund a wish list that includes new basketball hoops, special art materials for a new mural, new furniture for the STEM digital technologies Future Learning Zone, and equipment for the Akomanga Ngahere/forest learning programme.

On the mic… Zara McCoubrey (9) performs
Lucky numbers… Genevieve Legg (5) spins the wheel
Joking aside… Otto Buckton (7) won a soft toy
Spot the bargains… Plenty of wares were on offer at Devonport Primary’s Fair on the Hill
Sweet job… Milla (11) and Lizzie (14) McKendry making candy floss

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