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Check it out: Stanley Bay School claims narrow victory in head-to-head chess battle

Flagstaff Team

Alex Hawkey, Stanley Bay

Sixty-four pupils from Stanley Bay Primary and Devonport Primary Schools, competed in a Peninsula Schools Chess Tournament last Wednesday.

Organised by Chess Power and hosted annually by Stanley Bay School, the event provides a whole day of chess, with volunteer parent adjudicators and chess clocks, led by Chess Power coach Christoph Turner.

“It’s a great opportunity to focus, learn, and have fun,” says volunteer Catherine McNellan. She’s been involved with the Stanley Bay School chess club for a number of years, pushing for more female students to get involved.

“It’s been very encouraging to see such a strong female turnout this year.”

Reflective of previous years, this year’s contest was tightly fought between the two participating schools, with the score tied at 20-all ahead of the final round.

Stanley Bay finally triumphed, 231⁄2 to 221⁄2. Its top four students will represent the school at an upcoming regional tournament.

“Chess has really been growing on the peninsula” says McNellan. “It only takes a few passionate kids to kick things off.”

Zalt Van Loggerenberg, Devonport Primary
Lisa Murata-Gutierrez, Stanley Bay
Pondering… Spectators gather as a game reaches a crucial stage
Say chess… Stanley Bay contestants with their tournament certificates

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