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Weekend parking fees floated for waterfront

Flagstaff Team

AT aims to lift parking ‘turnover’, public transport use

Weekend parking charges are being considered for much of the Devonport waterfront.
Auckland Transport (AT) has raised the idea in letters seeking residents’ feedback on previously signalled plans for permit-parking zones, two-hour time-limited parking in side streets near the town centre and weekday parking charges of $2 an hour on Queens Pde and Kings Edward Pde between Buchanan St and Church St.
Devonport-Takapuna Local Board member Gavin Busch was surprised to learn weekends were now being eyed for paid parking.
In workshops AT held with board members last year outlining its proposals, he said the focus was “definitely the weekdays”.
In letters sent out this month to residents in the affected zones, AT asks: “Would you support extending the operational days to include weekends?”
AT says the aim behind its parking review in Devonport is to ensure availability and flexibility of parking options.
It wants to promote parking turnover for visitors, rather than allow all-day parking, and to encourage more use of public transport.
Some businesses hold concerns that workers from out of the area will find it increasingly difficult to find parking spots near their jobs.
Commuters who park on the waterfront or side streets and walk to the ferry will also be affected.
AT is planning two community drop-in sessions at the Devonport Library when people can find out more about the proposed changes, on Wednesday 19 June, from noon to 2pm, and Sunday 23 June, from 2-4pm.
Consultation through AT’s Have Your Say online process closes on 5 July.
After that, AT says it will consider feedback before coming back with final plans.
Introduction of any new measures could take up to five months, depending on factors including the number of parking machines to be installed and weather conditions.
“Once the community’s feedback has been considered and a way forward is decided, a clear date will be communicated well in advance of any changes being implemented,” a spokesperson said.
AT says it has had 13 requests for permit parking since 2018 and wants to gauge the extent of wider support for the approach.
Its surveys show some local streets are more than 90 per cent full in peak times, prompting the permit parking and P120 proposals.
“We might hear that some residents don’t want a resident parking zone, and if that’s the case, we need to understand why and consider whether a change is required,” the AT letter says.
Residents would pay $70 a year for a permit allowing them to park on the street.
They would also receive a book of 50 coupons, allowing their visitors to park for free, with extra coupons costing $5 each.
Those living on Queens Pde – which would switch from a 24-hour time restriction to P120 charged parking – would be able to use a residents’ permit to park on the side streets off Queens Pde.
Permits are not proposed for King Edward Pde residents within the charged zone, “due to availability of off-street parking”.
AT says those who most need the permits are in the streets in the proposed zone back from the waterfront, but it welcomes feedback on the zone’s boundaries.
The stretch of P180 free parking on King Edward Pde from Victoria Rd to Buchanan St near the Windsor Reserve playground will remain. Time-limited parking on the main shopping strip of Victoria Rd remains free as it is not covered by this review.
The fine for parking without paying will be $40. For exceeding a time limit, fines start at $12.

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