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Vauxhall Exhibition of Fine Arts (VEFA)

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Rob Tucker painting


The Vauxhall Exhibition of Fine Arts (VEFA) fundraiser is on this weekend at Vauxhall School and features many leading artists such as Fiona Pardington, Ray Haydon and Michel Tuffery as well as an exciting stable of up-and-comers.  With around 700 pieces of art from 150+ artists, we’ve compiled a list of favourites.  No coincidence many are locals!

What time does the 2018 VEFA event start?
VEFA event is from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday June 9 & 10.


1. Rob Tucker

You’ll need to get in quick to secure one of the five pieces Rob has painted specifically for the exhibition (two still lifes and three container ship paintings).  Rob has strong ties to Devonport, working until recently out of his Church Street studio, but his art is very global with over 85% sold internationally. Rob has recently left New Zealand to set up a studio in Portugal, so this could be the last chance to secure your very own Rob Tucker painting for some time!

Rob Tucker painting


Visit Rob’s website.


2. Jenni Stringleman:

Another Devonport local, Jenni says, “For me, painting is an expression of joy” and nowhere is this more evident than in her contemporary, bright expressionist floral paintings.  Jenni has five pieces at VEFA including four floral paintings and a nude.

Jenni Stringleman art

Visit Jenni’s instagram page.


3. Emma McIntyre:

ex-Vauxhall School student Emma comes from a long line of successful painters (her grandfather was renowned landscape painter Peter McIntyre and her dad is abstraction painter Simon McIntyre – also showing at VEFA).  Emma’s paintings are mesmerising with soft, grid structures that appear simple at first but more complex the longer you look. Emma is in hot demand with a recent sell-out solo show and is currently preparing for another solo exhibition, so the organisers were thrilled to secure two of her paintings for VEFA.

Emma McIntyre painting

Visit Emma’s instagram page


4. Greer Clayton:

Devonport local Greer Clayton’s signature moody, smudged and ethereal style captures the visual energy of the New Zealand landscape.  Inspired by her local surroundings two of the three large paintings up for grabs at VEFA feature local landmarks, in Rangitoto and Mt Vic. Two will be auctioned off at the Friday Gala Evening with the third in the exhibition.

Greer Clayton painting


Visit Greer’s website.


5. Component

You can’t walk through Devonport without being touched by Component’s work that brings the street to life as a medium for expression and debate. Component is deeply involved in the Devonport community, with a child at Vauxhall School, as a long time participator in the Devonport Art Trail and exhibitor at VEFA.  This year he has a number of works for sale including one large original painting and several smaller, great value prints.

Component's art - VEFA


Visit Component’s website.


6. Paris Kirby

With representation out of Sanderson Gallery, Paris Kirby is another rising star of the art world and recipient of the 2016 AMP Dare to Dream Scholarship (who also happens to be an ex-Vauxhall School student!).  Paris’s stunning paintings are an ode to Mother Nature, viewed from the perspective of the forest floor gazing upwards.  ‘Puriri Tree’ is the piece on offer at VEFA – a large beauty to transform any space.

Paris Kirby painting


Visit Paris’s website.


7. Amber Jones

Anyone who can keep their cool underwater photographing sharks gets our vote!  Amber, who resides in Tairua with her shark-studying marine biologist boyfriend, has four huge photographs at VEFA including the first ever shark photograph she took. Through her underwater photographic work, Amber aims to showcase the ocean as she views it in her daily life, inspiring a change in behaviour to safeguard and protect this fragile environment for future generations.

Amber Jones


Visit Amber’s website.

8. Holly Zandbergen:

The exciting stable of emerging artists exhibiting at VEFA includes the likes of Holly Zandenberg who was shortlisted for the New Zealand Art Show Emerging Artist Award and selected for the Prudential Best Young Artist Award at the National Open Art Competition at London’s Royal College of Art. Holly’s fluid and gestural use of very thickly applied oil paint brings a frenetic energy to her paintings that need to be seen in real life to be appreciated.  She has three pieces at VEFA including one of Mt Taranaki and another of Aoraki Mt Cook.

Holly Zandbergen

Visit Holly’s website.


VEFA is on all weekend at Vauxhall School, Morrison Ave.  Weekend entry to the exhibition is free and there will be lots of activities for the kids including a 20m colouring in wall as well as art workshops, live art demos and a café on site all weekend. To view the catalogue or find out more visit vefa.co.nz.

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