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UPDATED: Top 6 things to do in Devonport this Queen’s Birthday weekend

Flagstaff Team

If you’ve decided to stay in Devonport this Queens Birthday weekend then you’re in luck. There are plenty of things to do in town. Below are our top 5 picks. Enjoy!


UPDATED: Top 6 things to do in Devonport.. we added soccer #6..

1. Check out the photography exhibition – the Depot Artspace

Admire some local talent in the Out of Control exhibition at The Depot Artspace. As part of the Auckland Photography Festival, the team at The Depot decided to create a participatory exhibition. They have accepted photographs from all ages and of all sorts of different subject matter and will be displaying them proudly on the wall. Wanna be a part of it? You still can. The exhibition is also hosting a ‘liberation word wall’ open anyone and everyone to put a message on the wall. “We invite you to tell us what freedom means to you or how it would manifest itself in the world.”

Admission is free.


2. Enjoy live music – the Patriot, Hemmingway’s, the Esplanade

Live music Friday night June 1st at the Patriot from 9-12pm Nocturnal Collective. Victoria Road

Hemingway’s restaurant is showcasing local North Shore musicians “Freight” in their heated garden as well as a great selection of craft beers. Their menu is filled with yummy food and wine. Saturday 3pm to 6pm. Rattray St.

Saturday June 2nd from 6-9pm you can stay cozy by the fire at The Esplanade, and listen to the warming voice of Lee Gray, one of the most sought-after performers on the Auckland music scene. What better way to spend a winter evening than an open fire, live music and comfort food? Esplanade Hotel Devonport.

Why not hit all three?!


3.  SOLO – Watch the new Star Wars movie at The Vic

Shelter from the wet weather by going to see the new Star Wars movie at The Vic. Sit back, relax and just enjoy doing nothing for two whole hours. The Vic are doing three showings a day over the weekend. The Vic offer a cheese board and wine deal for $15, the perfect treat for an evening screening. Victoria Rd.
Visit their web site for session times.

4. Dine out – new winter menus

Eat and drink your way through Devonport’s winter menus. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a chilli hot chocolate from Karavan, and while you’re there make sure you check out their soup of the day. Chef Sigrid has created a range of winter soups to “warm your soul.” On Sunday, Vic Road kitchen are putting on a Queen’s Birthday roast from 3pm. Make sure to eat your weight in roast potatoes. Afterwards, head to Corellis for a nightcap – a cup of homemade, hot mulled wine. Yum !

Hemmingway’s is open on Monday, Queen’s Birthday with a range of freshly baked treats, and a breakfast special of bacon and eggs on toast, with a regular coffee for $12.50, until 12.00 noon.


5. Support North Shore Rugby

The Prems play Silverdale at home. Kick off is 2.45pm.


6. Watch the soccer Allen Hill Stadium – update from Facebook contributor (thanks Rosemary!)

Chatham cup game on at Allen Hill Stadium Monday at 2pm. North Shore United vs University Mt Wellington.


If we’ve missed something major please let us know.. add a comment to our Facebook page or send us an email to sales@devonportflagstaff.co.nz

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

From all of us @
The Devonport Flagstaff