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TGS show The Little Mermaid delights

Flagstaff Team

Bewitching performance… Janayah Wadsworth as Ursula the sea witch.

TGS Performing Arts rose to great heights and swam to great depths with the 2019 school show, Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Four shows were staged over three days at The Bruce Mason Centre.

Colourful cast… The Little Mermaid actors played to packed houses

A highlight was the sold-out matinee with primary schools. The 1100 students and their teachers enjoyed a pre-show performance of Baby Shark, and an impromptu singalong to Let It Go. The children were in the palm of the production’s hand following The Little Mermaid with energy and focus.

Fishy business… Jess Arrowsmith as Ariel, Caitlin Morrison as Flounder, Aidan Allen as King Triton, Max Claxton as Seahorse (seated), and Tre Tugaga as Trumpet Fish (right)
On firm ground… Jess Arrowsmith as Ariel and Michael Self as Prince Eric
Sealed with a kiss… Jess Arrowsmith as Ariel, Michael Self as Prince Eric, with the Mersisters behind, (left to right): Tsenate Akebergne, Sylvie Porter, Rosie McGregor, Olivia Lane and Felicity Lewis

This article originally appeared in the April 19 edition of The Devonport Flagstaff. Download PDF.