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Supermarket car park shooters still at large

Flagstaff Team

Shooting drama… police cordoned off the area where the shopper was injured.

Police and ambulances sped to Devonport and taped off a crime scene around a car and bloodied asphalt, after a woman was injured in an airgun shooting in the New World car park.

The drama unfolded around 5pm on Wednesday last week.

Davina Veza of Stanley Point had come out of the supermarket and was loading groceries into her car when she heard three shots. “The first was like a thud and I thought, ‘God, that’s close.’ I dived into my car. Veza saw her car windscreen had been hit by what appeared to be a shot from a rearm. She heard the woman call out, “I need help.”

The damage to Davina Veza’s car windscreen.

A nurse from Anne St Medical came over to assist and call an ambulance, while Veza called police. The victim was bleeding badly from an injury above her eye. She was taken to hospital by ambulance.

A window in the supermarket facade was also hit by a pellet from what police believe to be an airgun. Veza said she saw several objects on the ground which appeared to be small blue pellets. Veza didn’t see who had fired the pellets.

An officer at the scene said police would review CCTV footage from supermarket cameras to try to work out what had happened. At press time, no charges had been laid.

“Luckily, on this occasion, nobody was seriously injured. But it had the potential to result in serious injuries,” a police spokesperson said.

Source: Devonport Flagstaff 25 January 2019. View Online.