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Scooter-store owner fed up with spate of break-ins

Flagstaff Team

Third time unlucky… Electric Scooter Shop owner Jonno Leonard is frustrated at repeated break-ins at his Lake Rd premises.

After three break-ins in less than two weeks, Electric Scooter Shop owner Jonno Leonard has had enough.

The Lake Rd outlet’s workshop was broken into on 8 July, and the main shop targeted the following night. On Wednesday last week, intruders broke into the showroom again, taking helmets and accessories.

Since becoming a specialist electric-scooter shop a couple of years ago, the business has previously faced ride-off thefts of scooters and intruders gaining entry with crowbars.

Leonard says total losses run to five figures. “We’ve had a really rough run of it.” Scooters are now all stored in a locked shipping container overnight, even those under repair in the workshop.

Leonard assumes the recent break-ins are related, although the intruders seen on security-camera footage have all worn balaclavas and gloves, making identification difficult.

Leonard has contacted the police but is not aware of any leads. He has already ramped up security, installing extra cameras and a motion sensor. Leonard recommends bike and scooter owners sign up to 529 Garage, a site aimed at helping people keep their wheels safe. Thefts entered into the database also appear on a police hotlist and social media. “They have apparently seen a 40 per cent reduction [in theft] in countries they’re operating in.”

Leonard hopes the message gets out that there is nothing in his shop to steal.

“It’s frustrating and expensive on the business, but mentally wearing on everyone as well,” he says.

They are resilient, “but we could do without it”.

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