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Nice one, bro! Twins lead the way at TGS

Flagstaff Team

Takapuna Grammar School students and staff can be forgiven for seeing double when engaging with this year’s prefects. 

Six of the best… (From left) Julian Lampen, Sebastian Lampen, Mac Dalzell, Will Dalzell, Daniel Perkins and Dominic Perkins are all prefects at Takapuna Grammar School

Three sets of 17-year-old twins are among the school’s 44 prefects for 2020. 

Another three sets of twins are to be found among the school’s other year-13 students. 

The Lampen twins, Julian and Sebastian, from Devonport, say they were surprised to both become prefects. 

Julian says, “Being a twin is pretty crazy, especially when your twin is a prefect as well. But Sebastian always reminds me when we have team meetings.” 

Next year, Julian plans to study within the field of science and maths, while Sebastian is set on studying urban planning at the University of Auckland. 

Daniel and Dominic Perkins, of Narrow Neck, don’t know what they would do without each other. 

“My twin is my best friend and I always have someone to trust and rely on,” says Daniel. 

Dominic adds, “Our personalities comple- ment each other very well, which creates a really great leadership dynamic for the whole team.” 

Both Daniel and Dominic want to study biology at university.
Will Dalzell, who is also a deputy head boy, and his twin Mac, live in Northcote.

Mac says, “Being a twin is pretty cool and its nice to have someone to always help and support you. Because we are both prefects, we can work together.”
Mac plans to study physiotherapy while Will aims to do a law degree. 

This article originally appeared in the 27 March 2020 edition of the Devonport Flagstaff.