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Mud glorious mud at Stanley Bay Stampede

Flagstaff Team

Mudlark Mark… Mark Delaney relives his childhood at the Stanley Bay Stampede held last Sunday.

The stampede was certainly on for Stanley Bay School’s muddy fundraiser last Sunday, with 800 people entered and several dozen more having to be turned away.

“It shows the need for community events at the moment, to get out and have fun with the family, said the primary’s principal Lucy Naylor.

The Stampede attracted 450 people when it was first held in 2019, with last year’s event cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Naylor expected upwards of $30,000 would be raised.

A drawcard for youngsters was seeing their teachers coated in mud. The event began with Naylor and fellow primary principals Beverley Booth of Devonport and Bruce Cunningham from Belmont taking the first slide.

Groups of 20 at a time then took in a circuit that also included foam-and-water immersions. Around three hours later, the day wound up with almost all the teachers from Stanley Bay, and a few from other schools, coming to a muddy end.

Naylor thanked the wider community and sponsors for their support. “In terms of raising community spirits and boosting the kids’ morale, the experience was second to none.”

The money raised would go towards school operating expenses, such as funding extra teaching staff and aides. “I’d love to say it’s for something sexy like a new playground, but it’s for running costs. We don’t get enough money from the government for it all.”

The loss of overseas students was also hitting schools, said Naylor. Although Stanley Bay did not previously host many international students – around four long-term and study groups for shorter blocks – it was still down $60,000 without them.

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