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Devonport is one of Auckland’s premier suburbs, much sought after by families seeking a lifestyle close to the city.

As well as offering a great lifestyle with an abundance of beaches and amenities, Devonport is a recognized heritage area with an abundance of late victorian architecture in the form of native-timber villas mixed with early 20th-century bungalows and arts & crafts influenced homes. The combination of architecture and lifestyle certainly make Devonport one of Auckland’s pricier suburbs.

Over the past 10 years, the typical family home in Devonport has risen in price by 86%, with a median sale price for a typical 4-bedroom home of $1.6million. Across the whole of Auckland, homes of similar size would typically sell for just under $1million, which demonstrates the appeal of Devonport. Auckland is a dynamic and vibrant city enjoying a booming economy and growing population, adding 180,000 new residents in just the past five years, putting pressure on a city to provide enough new housing.

This has naturally led to a greater intensity of housing. However, with Devonport’s recognized heritage, more stringent restrictions are placed on housing developments, which only adds to the appeal of the suburb, with more open spaces and retained architecture.

Whilst often auckland is judged to be one of the most expensive cities across the world in regard to house prices, when you compare devonport with inner-harbour suburbs in Sydney or Melbourne, prices here in Devonport are generally lower. As with other city suburbs, turning the clock back 30 or 40 years would see a very different look and feel to today, in the usage and condition of the houses of Devonport. Many were rented and converted into flats, little maintenance was undertaken, and sadly many fell into disrepair. But the gentrification of the suburb and the passion shown to renovate and modernise classic architecture has transformed the housing stock, creating a very liveable and stunningly beautiful village.

Properties in Devonport tend to be tightly held, with an average of only 200 sales per year from across the 4000-odd homes in the village. Not surprising when the topography featuring the two volcanoes of Mt Victoria and North Head gives so many properties such stunning views, and when there is such easy access to the water. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

Devonport property is the passion of Alistair Helm, a local licensed real estate agent with Bayleys real estate and also a committee member of devonport Heritage.


His website at www.devonportproperty.nz is the definitive insight into the local property market.