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Costumes galore at Bayswater Halloween Trail

Flagstaff Team

Unique identities… twins, Juliette and Madeleine James (7).
Colouring in… Laura, Liviana (3) and Matt Smith
No peace for the wicked… (from left) Zoe Jacobs, Sianna Palmeri, Maya Duplan-Harwood, Finn Thorpe and Danny Monaghan-Rowe took to the streets for the Bayswater Halloween Trail last Friday
Hosing down… Rob Whybrow (Firefighter) and Declan Takuira (5)
Driving like a clown… Cameron Allan (9)
Claiming their pumpkin patch… Paris (3) and Quentin Tse (2)
Time for a helping hand… (from left) Hari Poulson, Letitia Ashton, Romeo Ashton, Lily Ashton and Zanah Poulson

These images originally appeared in the November 1st edition of the Devonport Flagstaff.Download PDF.