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The Devonport Flagstaff has now joined the likes of Newsroom.co.nz in inviting its readers to help sponsor quality journalism that is relevant to their daily lives by introducing the Press Patron donation system to its web site.

It’s no secret that newspaper industry is struggling and in many cases dying off- yet our community still expects and deserves to be informed by media organisations like the Flagstaff that produce high quality independent and relevant news.

Your donation will go directly to the Flagstaff and help us continue to add great people to our team, bring more community club and events news, as well as continue to distribute the Flagstaff to your letterbox.

Over time we will create Press Patron benefits for our supporters that will include VIP event invitations and Flagstaff branded goods.

Thank you for your consideration and if you do choose to donate, please click on the “Become a supporter” link at the bottom of the page.

And please don’t hesitate to spread the word! The more money we can raise from our readers and fans the more information we can deliver to your door step.

Best regards
Rob Drent
Flagstaff editor since 1997.